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Rosie & Amy

Together Rosie & Amy blend talent and experience that can help you visually and verbally bring your business to life. Tell us your story and we’ll help you tell it to the world.


Rosie’s story began at Central St Martins. After qualifying with a degree in fine art her innate curiosity and drive led her to immediately set up her own business. Whilst the businesses she’s run have changed over the last 20 years her passion for dreaming up logos and creating websites to promote them has been there from the start.

As an instinctive entrepreneur she’s bursting with ideas and enthusiasm which she brings to each and every project. Along with first hand experience of the hard work and tenacity that running a small business demands.


Amy began as a thirsty junior in the big bad world of advertising. Through working with and for niche brands and worldwide names alike she has 15 years experience building brands, creating marketing strategies and generating ideas that capture attention.

Amy excels at copywriting and strategic planning and enjoys seeing the creation of a new brand through from it’s infancy to launch day.  She knows that no business is too small to know exactly who it is and how it should be talking to its customers.

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